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Brand Values

LMZ has built a big consumption and big health industrial ecosphere focusing on major daily chemicals, and adheres to the core brand values of inheritance, health and fashion.

1.Strategic positioning of LMZ’s corporate brand: big consumption and big health industrial ecosphere focusing on major daily chemicals  

Main contents: three key words, i.e. “focusing on major daily chemicals”, “big consumption” and “big health” 

Firstly, what does “focusing on major daily chemicals” mean?

We have established a correlated diversified development model, and a layout which focuses on major daily chemicals, where household paper and sweetener are the leading products, and others are auxiliary products. We strive to make better use of resources by distinguishing between the primary and secondary products. Meanwhile, the establishment of the brand new industrial ecosphere also means that LMZ will continue to take an innovative path in the future, so as to become a leader in market development, and bring real benefits to more consumers by virtue of quality products. Common values of employees and the company will be fulfilled at the same time.


Secondly, what does “big consumption” mean?

Currently, China is facing a great era of consumption upgrade that has never been seen before。 With the increase in per-capita GDP and residents’ disposable income, consumers’ quality requirements for consumer goods will become the main requirements in the future。 LMZ will be centered on Chinese consumers, and strive to satisfy the new requirements of consumers for consumption upgrade by means of constant technological innovation and quality improvement in the field of popular consumer goods。   


Thirdly, what does “big health” mean?

LMZ’s big health industry development is intended to develop human-oriented products which meet health requirements to improve the overall health level of Chinese people by leveraging its resource advantages。 Our constant innovation from health care products to health management products is in line with the concept of big health, which is characterized by “curing a disease before it happens” and “health prevention”。 For example, our pain-relieving toothpaste with pure Chinese medicines introduced in 2013 not only satisfies consumers’ general oral care requirements such as oral cleaning, but also provides targeted prevention against common oral diseases。


2. Corporate core brand values of LMZ: inheritance, health and fashion


Inheritance最准平特三连肖论坛——From product development to brand communication, etc., LMZ always carries forwards the quintessence of traditional Chinese medicines, e.g. by creating herbal pain-relieving toothpaste, medicated bath, etc. Such inheritance is a never-changing commitment of LMZ, which is intended to foster a sense of cultural belonging for Chinese people.


Health——LMZ advocates naturalism, green and health. As a necessity of life, health is at the center of LMZ products, and the foothold for LMZ to create a brand ecosphere. In the future, LMZ will continue to provide consumers with healthy products, and gradually build a health industry ecosphere.


Fashion —— LMZ has a new and unique understanding of fashion. Fashion does not mean following the trends in a traditional sense, but showing the beauty of life through innovation, and guiding the consumption trend.  With respect to product development, we are in constant pursuit of technological innovation, and strive to develop products that conform to life aesthetics in terms of both product connotations and appearance, so as to guide consumption trends; in various processes such as marketing and advertising, we grasp the internet trends and continuously enhance creativity and innovation to bring out the vitality of the brand, and convey LMZ’s pursuit of the beauty of life.


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